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    Owing to the unique location you micro-district is separated from power thoroughfares and any industrial enterprises. Public establishments shall be concentrated only in the area of main street of you micro-district - Vozdvyzhenska street. Such arrangement of these establishments shall divide the structure of the residential massive into two parts: the central part, where non-residential promises shall amount 30-35% of buildings' areas, and the peripheral part, which shall be the residential one almost in full, and where private estates shall prevail. Thanks to such logical zoning and unique natural apartness of the area from noisy thoroughfares, the architects guarantee coziness, solitude and rest.


Micro-district's image

  • reproduction of steading style of buildings;
  • following traditions of low-rise building;
  • arrangement of slopes of Kyselivka (Castle Hill), Dytynka and Volovnia;
  • reconstruction of dendrology formed historically.

The infrastructure of the micro-district

  • kindergarten and elementary school;
  • fitness club and training halls;
  • comprehensive consumer services, automatic telephone exchange, pharmacy, 100-room hotel, covered parking for 150 cars and office center;
  • House-Museum of M. Bulgakov, Museum-Workshop of I. Kavaleridze, art shops, potter art shops, open theatre-variety.

Урочища "Гончари Кожум'яки"


Перехрестя вулиць Воздвиженська та Гончарна

вул. Воздвиженська, 42

вул. Воздвиженська, 36

Двір будинку по вул. Воздвиженська, 36

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