Kyivmiskbud-1 Urochishche "Gonchari Kojumyaki"
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The M.P. Zagorodny “Kyivmiskbud-1 Trust” public limited company fulfils actively the unique project of modern building—realizing the comfortable inhabited space with independent infrastructure—here, in Old-Kyiv areas of Gonchary and Kozhumiaky covered by ancient tradition.

The project shall be the true brilliant in precious setting of green and cozy Old-Kyiv slopes of Kyselivka, Dytynka and Volovnia, “where Russian land appeared from.” Various things are combined here: great antiquity and powerful of the present epoch, traditions and innovations.

And it is proposed you, dear Sir, to become the owner of elegant, spacious and cozy apartments (beginning from 130 m2, located in three-storyed buildings having two-three flats) or your own manor built in style of Gothic, Baroque or French Romanticism situated exactly here. At the present time, the modern development of ancient Kyiv areas of Gonchary and Kozhumiaky is the most large-scale project of the “Kyivmiskbud-1” trust, which does not have any analogs in Ukraine.

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