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    The Kozhumiaky area stretching along Kozhumiatska, Vozdvyzhenska and Diegtiarna streets, as well as the Gonchary area, was named by name of artisans-tanners or according to a legend its name was originated from the name of Mykyta Kozhumiaka who save Kyivers from death winning a victory over the man-eater Dragon—the image of nomads who were worst enemies of the Old Russia. Being a part of Kyiv-Podil district these areas accumulated the spirit of human diligence and artisans' inspiration. The Vozdvyzhenska street permitted to shorten the way from Andriyvsky Hill to the Zhytniy (Rye) Market: its present name has arisen after constructing here the Church of the Exaltation of the Cross in the XVIII century, in which famous master—Mykhaylo Bulgakov—was christened in 1981, its was reconstructed in stone by then. The world-famous Andriyvsky Descent is situated nearby the Gonchary-Kozhumiaky area—our Monmartre, city art center; the Church of St. Andrew was built at the sacred place, where looking at Kyiv hills St. Andrew First-Called was predicting: “Do you see these hills? The Lord's grace shall shine on these hills.” The Historical Museum, the foundation of the Desiatynna Church, the Church of the Protection of the Virgin and the Gostiny Dvor, the “Felicial” fountain and Petro Mogyla's Academy are situated near. The History itself is beside you and you shall be its part.

Урочища "Гончари Кожум'яки"


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